Love & War

Love & War

War & love is a American television sitcom, which aired on CBS from September 2 1, 1992. Created by Diane English, the series starred Susan Dey as a Chicago restaurateur, Wally Porter, along with Jay Thomas as Jack Stein, a sportswriter with. After the primary season, but the series was retooled and Dey was dismissed by the producers of the series, claiming that she and Thomas had"no chemistry" together. Annie Potts replaced her as Dana Palladino, that became a love interest for Jack and bought Porter's restaurant. The first season featured moments when the fourth wall would break and then handle the camera directly using it as a opportunity to discuss a emotional emergency. This mechanic was dropped in later phases. One event featured a guest appearance from Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David as themselves, they did so as a"thanks" to creator Diane English for allowing a brief scene on Murphy-Brown in a episode of Seinfeld where Kramer is cast as the titular character's secretary. The supporting cast of the show comprised Charles Robinson, Joanna Gleason, Joel Murray, Suzie Plakson and Michael Nouri. John Hancock, who had a recurring role as a judge on L.A. Law using Susan Dey before, depicted bartender Ike for its first half of season one, until he died of a heart attack from late 1992. His death has been then written to the series and celebrity Charlie Robinson replaced him.
Released: 1992-09-21
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 30 min

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