You Wish!

You Wish!

Alex is actually a high school student who always feels as though he's overshadowed with his own brother Stevie. He can't get the lady of his dreams. He along with his two friends, James and Abby, are outsiders at school. And he. Afterward a lucky coin is received by Stevie a coin which he gives to Alex, by a strange old man, telling him to create a wish. A day later, Alex gets what he ever wished for - Stevie is finished (in fact, he's the star of their own television show, and his family don't know him). A Lex and the girl at school date. He is one of the kids . And he's the star of the soccer group. He enjoys his life, only to learn that everything which has been great in his life that is original today could be now gone.
Duration: 100 min

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