The Butterfly Room

The Butterfly Room

Ann, a reclusive lady, with a obsession with butterflies, is befriended by the eerily beautiful young Alice. Together with her innocence, Alice establishes a mum daughter relationship with Ann. Lured into her universe, Ann soon discovers that she is not the recipient of their girl's affections. Confronted by the other lady friends of Alice, the jolt of Ann awakens a hidden beyond, unchaining a spiral of madness: a series of bizarre and brutal crimes that Ann might need to devote to preserve her benign and deceptive appearances. The one who admits there is something is nine year old her next door neighbour's daughter, Julie. With a child's inevitable fascination, Julie begins to explore the corners of the flat of Ann, detecting a dark secret hidden in the walls of this butterfly room that is forbidden. No one believes what she's seen except for the daughter of Ann. Horrified, she articulates the fate of this young girl lies within her handson.

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