Secret Santa

Secret Santa

"The holidays are a time for back stabbing and quiet, annihilating judgment, but also for the Pope family, the time honored tradition of passive aggressive snark is always concealed with a grin. But maybe not this year. April Pope, the golden child of your family, is sober and clean and working her a dozen steps. She has a life and an wonderful boyfriend and she is ready to make amends with her sister, Penny for a dreadful prank whenever they were at senior high school, she pulled on her. April characters her mother Shari's Christmas Eve party, complete with Secret Santa game, will be the perfect moment for forgiveness. Her gift and behave of confession will help heal the tensions of her nearest and dearest." "But there is someone else with different idea...""It's going to be a bloody good xmas!"
Duration: 88 min
Country: N/A
Production: N/A

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