Sawdust and Tinsel

Sawdust and Tinsel

In town where Albert the ringmaster's family resides, a carnival caravan arrives on a gray morning. He has obtained a mistress, the young and buxom Anne and hasn't seen them. Albert calls his or her wife. Anne, covetous and wanting out, visits a troupe and lets an actor seduce her in market for a necklace. Anne finds out it's worthless at about precisely exactly the same moment Albert's wife declines to let him live with your family. Anne and albert are stuck with all the circus and each other. There exists a show to night, Frans will soon be there sardonic and smirking, the endure is mangythe clown is equally as sour as they are come, and an exit is offered by suicide.
Released: 1953-09-14
Genre: Drama
Duration: 93 min
Country: Sweden
Production: Sandrews

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