Devil Seed

Devil Seed

Alexandra is a lively college student returning to live with her roommates Breanne and Jessica after the summer holidays. After a night of drinking, Alex insists into some psychic reading to learn with her boy friend but during the scanning a turn of events induces some thing to go drastically wrong. She cant remember the events of the evening If Alex awakes the following day. She starts to hear noises out and receive scratch marks around her entire body. Breanne Jessica and Brian are incapable of comprehending the scope of the darkness although afraid shes she seeks help from her close friends. As an alternative, Alex receives assistance from the school professor and his dad who have dealt with the supernatural . However, as Alexs condition worsens, it becomes apparent that it may be too late to block the thing from using Alexs body for a gate way to the world (
Duration: 93 min
Country: Canada

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