Black Mask

Black Mask

Chui Chik attempts to lead a quiet life for a librarian. However, he is a former test subject for a highly secretive super-soldier project and also the instructor of some special commando unit called"701." Even the 701 squad is used for most government missions, but eradicate all of the subjects and the government makes the decision to abort the job once one of those representatives interrupts a group of policemen in a uncontrollable rage. Chui Chik helped the extermination attempt is fled by the surviving 701 agents. Having escaped, Chui Chik went separate ways from his team. He finds that the rest of the team had been responsible for a brutal crime spree which has been outside the capability of the police. He lays out to avoid themdonning a disguise and employing the superhero alias of"Black Mask". Having lost the ability to feel pain due to this operation Black Mask is invulnerable.
Released: 1996-11-07
Genre: Action
Duration: 99 min
Country: Hong Kong

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